Unibet Group plc: TonyBet select Kambi Sports Solutions for Pool Betting

Firstly as Kambi is honoured to be the first external gaming supplier to deliver a gaming solution to TonyBet; secondly, with TonyBet the network is growing even further and they will contribute to improve the liquidity”, comments Kristian Nylén, CEO, Kambi Sports Solutions.

Supertoto and Superscore are Kambi’s Pool Betting products, where punters of online bookmakers such as Unibet, Paf, Expekt, Nordicbet, Interwetten and AsianLogic create joint pools in order to maximise liquidity.

LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–”TonyBet has offered Sports Betting internationally since the start in 2010. By adding Pool Betting to our portfolio we can further strengthen the Sports betting at tonybet.com. We are convinced that the product will be most appreciated by our customers as it allows them to bet for small sums, while still having the chance to win big jackpots.

More information about Unibet Group plc (STO:UNIB) can be found on www.unibetgroupplc.com

“We are looking forward to add TonyBet to the Kambi Pool Betting network. Today, Unibet has 6.5 million customers in over 100 countries. Unibet is one of the largest privately-owned gambling operators in the European market and provides services in 27 languages through www.unibet.com, www.unibet.dk, www.unibet.fr, www.unibet.it, www.unibet.com.au, www.maria.com and www.mariacasino.dk. We expect that the product will attract many new customers to TonyBet as well as being appreciated by our existing customer base”, says Vytautas Ka?erauskas, COO at TonyBet.

Unibet was founded in 1997 and is an online gambling company listed on NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange in Stockholm. Today TonyBet owns over 20 betting shops in Lithuania’s cities and towns: Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaip?da, ?iauliai, Panev??ys, Marijampol?, Alytus, Roki?kis, Jonava, Ma?eikiai and Tel?iai.

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. Unibet is a member of the EGBA, European Gaming and Betting Association, RGA, Remote Gambling Association in theUK and is audited and certified by eCOGRA in relation to responsible and fair gaming. 

More information about TonyBet can be found on www.tonybet.com

About Unibet

About TonyBet

TonyBet is the second biggest sportsbook in the Baltic gaming market and is licensed and regulated by the Estonia State Gaming Control Commission

Rihanna Goes with Blackface for New Video; Also Imitates Slash (VIDEO)

The symbolism is, er, somewhat hard to decipher …

The singer’s album Rated R hasn’t quite been the blockbuster that everyone thought it would be, coming off the Chris Brown abuse, the high profile collaborations with Jay-Z, and the general interest in seeing her become the new queen of RB divas. How to remedy that? Evidently by employing (ironically, one presumes) blackface.

The tune itself isn’t much to brag about, but it does feature former Guns N’Roses guitarist Slash — and so R manages to work in a visual impersonation of the top-hatted axe-slinger as well.

Oh, and she’s also now got a harp on her behind. but then, so was releasing “Russian Roulette” as the album’s first single.

Performing in blackface has been out of favor for, oh, 50 years or so, but that hasn’t stopped Rihanna from doing just that for her new music video, “Rockstar 101,” as seen below.

Anyways, it’s certainly one of the stranger vids to come down the pike in awhile:

Rio Ferdinand’s online gambling endorsement deal slammed as foul play by fans

Gambling rips families apart.”

Casino Floor UK’s site also includes a range of simple video games, based on fairy tales and cartoons, which look as if they are aimed at children.

Another read: “Haven’t enough money without promoting gambling? Grim.”

The former Arsenal captain, a recovering alcoholic, said his clinic now deals with more gambling cases than any other form of addiction among players.

A link to the site followed.

But he faced a backlash on the social networking site as fans branded him irresponsible and money-grabbing.

The FA alterations also ban bets on any football matter, including transfers, employment of managers and team ­selections – all of which carry odds on the casino site that is now being endorsed by Ferdinand.

The QPR and ex-England star is the new face of a site that lets users bet on sports fixtures and virtual casino games.

Rules changed last year to bar players from betting on fixtures worldwide.

One response read: “An absolute ­disgrace Rio that you are plugging this gambling rubbish. Footballer Rio Ferdinand has caused ­outrage by endorsing gambling in an advertising deal.

Another blasted: “You have responsibilities as a role model. Shame on you.”

The law bars under 18s from gambling – but Twitter’s minimum age limit is 13 and dad-of-three Ferdinand has not added the optional “adult content” alert to his page since his endorsement deal began.

One tweet said: “Scamming your young followers with gambling?”

Fears the Premier League star is influencing kids to become interested in casinos were raised.

Still playing: Rio Ferdinand of QPR

He tweeted to his six million followers on Wednesday: “Play at my favourite @CasinoFloorUK tonight have 55 free spins on me.”

Ferdinand and the FA declined to comment.

The defender, 36, was paid £200,000 a week at the height of his career with Manchester United and still earns £80,000 with his new club – but a string of players have been financially ruined by gambling.

But he turned things around thanks to the Sporting Chance clinic set up by ex-England defender Tony Adams, 48, to help footballers who fall prey to addiction.

Former West Ham and Stoke winger Matthew Etherington, 33, blew more than £1.5million on poker and racing.

Ex-Liverpool and Scotland star Dominic Matteo, 40, who admitted losing £1million on horse racing, called gambling addiction “an epidemic in English football”.

Beautiful Callaway FT Irons Review

The grips are just right with extra traction. Callaway FT Irons are thought to be Fusion Technology irons that appeal to mid to low handicap players. Discount Golf Clubs For Sale This has been achieved by moving 80% of the club head’s weight to the perimeter for outstanding forgiveness. Beautiful clubs. The new head shape will appeal to more mid-to low-handicap players.

When I first saw the FT Iron clubs I was impressed by the design and work quality. Then a thinner top line and a higher toe these golf clubs have a much more traditional look without losing any forgiveness. The end of the shaft is tip-plugged at the bottom of the hosel to reduce vibration upon impact. Eighty percent of the clubhead’s weight is positioned in the extreme perimeter for a higher MOI and enhanced stability and forgiveness.

Golfers have their choice of graphite, steel, or Dynalite shafts. The FT irons are an evolution of the original Fusion irons, the Callaway FT Irons deliver the utmost in performance and playability. Next I will take more feeling after I used it.

The FT Irons are Callaway’s 2008 line of technologically advanced golf clubs.

The look of the Callaway FT Irons is more standard, but the set includes many technological inventions. Multi-material construction allows for premium performance and the Tunite cradle has been optimized with the addition of Extreme Notch Weighting. The FT Irons incorporate tunite alloy into the perimeter of the club, which is a metal that is denser than stainless steel or titanium.. Accuracy also slightly improved. The Tunite Cradle, made of a high-density proprietary alloy, plus Lightweight Hot Titanium Face and TPU SenSert cavity-back insert combine to create a powerful, forgiving and solid feeling iron.

When compared with most other clubs, these Callaway FT Irons are narrower at the top, longer in the blade, and weighted slightly more in the toe and heel, which produces a well designed, strong lofted club. Along with very little vibration, the titanium face gives a soft, yet solid, feel at impact as well. 

These irons feature a new head shape which has a thin top line and higher toe together with less offset. Slightly oversized head design added more weight and oomph to my swing

How English football cashed in on the rise of betting

You could, in theory, kick-off every time and, if that happens, it becomes ridiculously easy to bet on which team will win the first throw in.

When I first started playing, I was simply too young and too naive to realize what was going on. Let me give you an indication of just how easy it was to manipulate the system back then …

Read: The Secret Footballer reveals life inside the EPL

As I say, I was a young man who could barely find my way to the training ground. Again, this is all exposed through real-time alerts and reports.. I just thought that the full back who was clipping the ball down the line and out of play was s*** and there was no helping him. The internet was just taking off and the algorithms used to detect fraudulent gambling were nowhere near as sophisticated as they are now. I also had aspirations of playing at the very highest level so anything that seemed even remotely “iffy” just wasn’t for me.

Read: Football’s addiction to gambling

Story highlights

The Secret Footballer reveals players made money using in-play betting

Players could make money by manipulating who would take the first throw in

Bookmakers now go to extreme lengths to prevent spot fixing in sport

Interestingly, almost every online bookmaker is extending the capabilities of these reports and alerts in order to make their software and, by extension their operators, more “clever”.

There are reports that show the customers who repeatedly bet on the same outcome — win, lose, draw, etc. Sometimes, however, like me, the wood is very much masked by the trees and what seems like the right career move ends up having terrible consequences for the people that you love the most.

“In play” betting was a relatively new thing in those days. At the start of every game, you are involved in the toss of a coin to determine which team has the kick off and which end you are going to kick towards. Now, imagine what would happen if, as the captain, you went in to each of these tosses with the sole intention of making sure that your team got the kick off. There is no prize on earth that would have ever made that gamble worthwhile, especially in football.

There is a gambler in all of us, like it or not.

So, we know no team is interested in winning the toss to get the kick off. These customers are then pooled together into “liability groups” that are monitored closely so that any betting pattern that changes is immediately flagged up on the system.

But it is not because they are falling victim to increasing numbers of betting rings and scams, it is because their users are mushrooming at an alarming rate.

It didn’t take the bookies long to catch on and, these days, the levels of detection are as scary as they are effective. I have no idea how much money was made but it would probably have been the equivalent to a player’s full weekly wage.

Let’s say that you are the captain of the team. In the research I did for this article, I consulted a friend of mine who works for a leading online betting site to see what measures have been put in place since the early days of internet gambling.

Even so, regularly kick-offs that started a game led to the ball being played to a full-back who in turn would shank it out of play. It was only years later that I found out what had been going on.

Read: Down the rabbit hole – depression in the EPL

Yet, as with all vices, there will be those who are unable to recognize and control the pitfalls.

The main tool is recognizing the repeat customers and their betting patterns.

It turns out that they do not have anything specific to track irregular betting patterns but, instead, rely on a combination of tools that help their “operator traders” decide whether a bet is fraudulent or not.

Very often, the biggest gamble in life comes in the working environment — deciding when to stick and when to twist, when to realise that our own contentedness is determined not by the material things that we surround ourselves with but by the things that money can’t buy, such as family.

The traders look for sudden upshifts in betting and on particular selections.

My biggest gamble was to move my family hundreds of miles from their support network and, with hardly any warning, plunge them into a totally alien environment.

The operator traders monitor such behavior through “live alerts” that are set up to detect irregular bets in real time.

A tell-tale sign that a bet may have sinister undertones is when a user places the maximum amount allowed in one bet. No team wants to win the toss so that they can have the kick off; an away team only wants to win the toss so that they can choose which end to kick towards — so the home team does not have the advantage of kicking towards their home fans in the second half.

The impact that decision had on us as a family was immediate and only resolved itself a few years later after a gargantuan effort on our part to get things back to the way they had once been.

Gambling has been big business since Moses wore short trousers and, in these times of austerity and economic hardship, it is no great surprise that many people are once again turning to the vices that give them a modicum of pleasure at the minimum of cost.

I want to go on record as saying I had nothing to do with this.

I gambled all the good things that I had in my life for a little bit more of the things that I had always been taught to strive for but which, in reality, mattered least of all

Farewell Don Zimmer: Remembering an old school baseball man

He proved correct when Cecil Fielder and Junior Griffey homered the next day and we won the remaining games.

Don Zimmer was one of my favorite baseball friends and his death the other day at 83 leaves a hole at shortstop on my team of “good guys.” That was his position on the 1955 Brooklyn Dodgers when I first heard of him. 

I enjoyed his company while he was the Manager of the Chicago Cubs. He was just what he seemed to be. He served as the Commissioner of Baseball from 1989-92.

That trip drew us close. These are the real baseball lifers and they are there at the ball park every day for years.

By Fay Vincent


He was the quintessential baseball lifer. He was proud that the only paychecks he ever received came from a baseball team. 

They were not violating baseball rules because they did not bet on baseball but my concern was they did not realize their bookie was also a drug dealer whose drug activities drew the FBI attention. 

Published June 05, 2014

I also remember him as an original Met in 1962. He was not particularly well known and his death may go unnoticed except by those of us who knew and liked him. As commissioner, I regularly spent time with the groundskeepers, office workers, ticket takers, field security people and umpires. stars played a series against the finest players from that baseball devout nation.

He did not look like a ball player. He was like the professional actor who was always on stage but rarely had a major role.

A lifetime as a player, coach and manager made Zimmer part of our baseball institution. My experiences with him ranged from the sublime to the difficult.

I knew him as a solid old school baseball man who realized his good fortune was to get up every day to go the ball park where he could pretend to be at work.

One of the wonderful aspects of being active in major league baseball is the eclectic group of people who work in the game. Petersburg, Fla. He was 83. (AP Photo/Chris O’Meara, File)

I was also worried these baseball people might become in debt to the bad guys and run the risk of being corrupted in order to make good on their obligations.

When I called Zimmer into my office my intention was to warn him of the risks he was running and to direct him to stop his betting. After the 1991 season, he was the manager of a MLB all-star team that I accompanied as commissioner to Japan where our U.S. He was so frightened he immediately promised to comply with my orders, and years later his wonderful wife, Zoot, told me how grateful she was to me for their quiet Sunday afternoons each fall when Zim could now enjoy the NFL games without screaming at the TV set.

We lost the first few games and I began to worry about being swept, but Zim reminded me our fellows were beginning to get used to the Japanese pitching style. He was an old baseball hand with few pretensions and a strong sense of place. He was short and squat with a melon face that looked like he had a chaw in both cheeks all the time. 1, 2010: Tampa Bay Rays special adviser Don Zimmer looks on during a baseball game between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Toronto Blue Jays in St. His smile was genuine and he found fun everywhere. He was so directly honest it is difficult to imagine who might have disliked him. Few fans are even aware these people are involved in the presentation of the games. Don Zimmer, a popular fixture in professional baseball for 66 years as a manager, player, coach and executive died on June 4, 2014. He managed for 13 seasons without winning a pennant, and is best known as Joe Torre’s bench coach when the Yankees won four World Series championships.


FILE – Sept. Unlike many of us, he knew what he did not know. And he disproves the old Leo Durocher line that “nice guys finish last.” I salute my friend Don Zimmer who seemed to enjoy being nice.

I knew Zimmer as a solid, old school baseball man who realized his good fortune was to get up every day to go the ball park where he could pretend to be at work.

My most vivid memory of our dealings occurred when the FBI alerted me to some off-season gambling by Zim and several others, including two umpires, who used a local bartender in Tampa to place bets on basketball and football games. 

Fay Vincent is a former CEO of Columbia Pictures Industries

NJ Gov. Chris Christie OK’s Casinos, Racetracks To Offer Sports Betting

(AP) –  New Jersey Gov. Christie said at the time disagreed with the court decision but feels the law is “sacrosanct.”

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. “The motion simply would clarify and formalize that authority and give clear guidance to casinos and racetracks waiting to open a sports pool in New Jersey.”

The professional football, baseball, basketball and hockey leagues, as well as the national Collegiate Athletic Association, all opposed New Jersey’s effort to legalize sports betting, saying it could give the appearance that the integrity of the games has been compromised.

The move is a turnaround for Christie, who initially seemed resigned to defeat once the U.S. Supreme Court declining to hear the case.

Christie vetoed a bill in August that would have pushed New Jersey to circumvent a federal law banning gambling on professional and college sports in the state.

The governor said he took his cue from previous federal court rulings that found that nothing in New Jersey law prohibits the casinos and horse racing tracks from offering sports betting.

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Christie, however, said casinos and tracks can start offering betting immediately.

His action is likely to be challenged in court by the professional and collegiate sports leagues that fought New Jersey’s efforts to overturn a ban on sports betting in all but four states. That effort ended with the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear New Jersey’s appeal.

. Chris Christie issued a directive Monday allowing his state’s casinos and racetracks to offer sports betting without fear of criminal or civil liability.

“Based on the arguments of the sports leagues and the United States Department of Justice, the 3rd Circuit has already ruled that New Jersey can carry out sports wagering as described in today’s statewide directive,” the governor’s office wrote in a statement

Obama plan aims to improve odds for minority boys

And Obama identified personally with the issue last year when he declared, after the acquittal of George Zimmerman, that Trayvon Martin, the black teenager killed in an encounter with Zimmerman in Florida, “could have been me 35 years ago.”

Meanwhile, Obama signed a presidential memorandum creating a government-wide task force to evaluate the effectiveness of various approaches, so that federal and local governments, community groups and businesses will have best practices to follow in the future. Several foundations pledged at least $200 million over five years to promote that goal.

“That’s a moral, social responsibility that they feel will transcend the time that he’s president,” Jarrett said.

Obama’s pledge to take action came during his State of the Union address last month, when he warned that young, black men face “especially tough odds to stay on track and reach their full potential.”  Obama himself grew up in a single-parent household, and has said he and some members of his staff were challenged and tempted by the same societal ills plaguing younger generations of minority males.

Valerie Jarrett, a senior White House adviser, said Thursday marks the start of an effort that the president and first lady Michelle Obama plan to undertake “for the rest of their lives.”

WASHINGTON –  President Obama on Thursday launched his “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative, calling on public and private entities to create more opportunities for young minority men, and break down social conditions that keep them impoverished and imprisoned in disproportionate numbers.

Freed from the pressure of seeking re-election, Obama also has taken a more visible role on issues affecting minorities.

. I’m the president of the United States of America” — has moved to commute sentences for nonviolent drug offenders, hoping to combat sentencing disparities that disproportionately imprison minorities. Hispanic men over the age of 20 faced an unemployment rate of 8.2 percent. Christopher, vice president of program strategy at the W.K.

“The president of the United States has never taken a stand suggesting that our nation mobilize its resources to improve opportunity for this population,” said Gail C. The U.S. An online “What Works” portal will provide public access to data about programs that improve outcomes for young minority men.

The White House has been strongly criticized by some civil rights leaders for not using the presidential bully pulpit to do enough to address generations of disadvantage borne by the African-American community. His attorney general, Eric Holder, this month encouraged states to repeal laws that permanently bar felons from voting even after they have served their sentences. But things are changing, said NAACP Interim President Lorraine Miller, who along with other civil rights groups met with the president in the White House last week.

Those already working to better the lives of young minority men called Thursday’s announcement an “unprecedented moment,” to have the White House publicly allied with their cause.

“I think he’s looking at a more strategic way how he can make an impact in the African-American community (not only) with employment but with health care and all the kind of issues we face every day,” said NAACP Interim President Lorraine Miller in response to a question from The Associated Press on C-SPAN’s “Newsmakers.”

The phrase “my brother’s keeper” comes from the book of Genesis in the Bible, where God asks Cain, the son of Adam and Eve, for the location of his brother Abel, who Cain had killed. Kellogg Foundation, which focuses its resources on vulnerable children who face poverty and discrimination.

The president, who famously said — “I’m not the president of black America. Census Bureau showed a poverty rate of 27.2 percent in black households and 25.6 percent for Hispanic households in 2012, compared with 12.7 percent in white and 11.7 percent in Asian households.

Under Obama’s initiative, businesses, foundations and community groups would coordinate their investments to come up with, or support, programs that keep youths in school and out of the criminal justice system, while improving their access to higher education. In some versions, Cain replies: “Am I my brother’s keeper?” Obama has quoted those Bible verses several times during his presidency, saying Americans should look out for each other.

The White House listed a litany of facts showing the need for the effort: The unemployment rate for African-American men over the age of 20 was 12 percent last month, compared with 5.4 percent for white men

Where can I find rules for the game of baccarat?

The object of the game is to bet on the hand that you think will have the highest total value.

Two hands are dealt and you bet which one will win, or that they will tie. If the player does take a third card then the Bank’s third-card-rule below will determine if the bank takes a third card.

Bank’s third-card-rule

Great gambling site

If either hand has a total of 8 or 9 (nine is the highest), then it is called a ‘Natural’ and no more cards are dealt. The decision when to deal a third card follows precise set rules used by all casinos.

Once dealing is completed, the hand with the highest count wins. Only single digit values are valid. Some casinos let the players deal the cards in turn and others have a casino dealer to deal the cards. Baccarat is played from a six-deck or an eight-deck shoe. Then the player who is dealing will turn over the cards of both hands while one of the casino dealers will announce the results and the winner.

If either the player or the bank have a total of 8 or 9 on the first two cards no further cards are drawn. It is not necessary to learn these rules to play, they are compulsory decisions and therefore automatic. He is just like any other player, playing against the casino.

If the bank’s total is 2 or less then bank draws a card, regardless of what the players third card is.

If the banks total is 3 then the bank draws a third card unless the players third card was an 8.

If the banks total is 4 then the bank draws a third card unless the players third card was a 0, 1, 8, or 9.

If the banks total is 5 then the bank draws a third card if the players third card was 4, 5, 6, or 7.

If the banks total is 6 then the bank draws a third card if the players third card was a 6 or 7.

If the banks total is 7 then the bank stands.

House advantage

Banker (Banco) 1.17%

Player (Punto) 1.36%

Tie (Standoff) 14.12% at 8:1 payout

See Chemin De Fer – A brief description of the French version of Baccarat.

Topics covered include game summary, rules, how to play, how to win, game strategy, betting systems, gambling tips, on: Blackjack, Roulette, Poker classic and variants such as Texas Hold’em poker, Craps/Dice, Slots and Videopoker, Baccarat, Keno, Lottery, Powerball, Bingo, Sports betting, Horse racing and Greyhound racing.

The reason for taxing the Banco is because it has been established that over an 8-deck cards play on average the Banco will win three to four hands more than the Punto.

A third card may be dealt to either or both the player (Punto) and the bank (Banco) based on the following three-card-rules. The resulting hand is called a natural and the hand is over.

If the player’s total is less than or equal to 5 the player’s hand draws a third card.

If the player does not draw a third card, then the bank’s hand stands on 6 or more and takes a third card on a total of 5 or less. Cards less than 10 are counted at face value, Aces are worth 1. Suits don’t matter. All face cards and 10s have no value. Players may opt not to deal, passing the ‘Shoe’ to the next player. The paying casino dealers will collect the losing bets first and then pay the winning ones. The person dealing will put two cards, face down, tucked under the shoe, and give the player with the largest bet on Punto the other two cards, face down.

To start, the players bet either on Banco or Punto or Standoff. The only difference between the Banco and Punto bet is a win on Banco will cost you 5% commission or tax levied by the casino – the in-built advantage.

Player’s third-card-rule

The rules

There are just two principal bets to make: banker or player – Banco or Punto, plus the rarely used Standoff. Only on rare occasions a mistake is made:. Any count that reaches a double digit drops the left digit. The card dealer gives two cards each; first to the player and then the banker. The player who actually deals the cards is not responsible for the payouts. If it is not a natural, then depending on the value of each hand the casino dealer may instruct the card dealer to deal a third card. It is just like betting on Black or Red at roulette, and the payoff is even money, 1:1 (except for the standoff, which pays 8-1 or 9-1). In online Baccarat the cards are dealt automatically by a virtual dealer.

Each player, including the player dealing, may bet on either Punto or Banco but it is customary for the dealer to bet on Banco. If Punto wins, the shoe passes on to the next player.

Use the “Main Menu” on the right margin to explore this site. 15 is counted as 5 and 25 is also counted as 5.

Baccarat rules:

The basics and how to play baccarat

Baccarat or Punto Banco is usually played in a separate casino area. The playing table is about the size of a craps table with three casino dealers and up to 12 or 14 players.

This is the gambling website with lots of information and resources as well as helpful advice and frequent updates thanks to your helpful feedback.

Each hand consists of a minimum of two and a maximum of three cards. This is a comprehensive great gambling site with advice on winning, how to gamble, betting strategy, listing the best online casinos and world land-based casinos directory.

The Punto player then looks at the cards and gives them back to the player who is dealing. The shoe remains with one player as long as the Bank wins

Online Poker Boycott Threatened Over Adelson Remarks

Adelson,” he says, “is staging a very belated and unimaginative rear-guard action.”

In the U.S., he predicts, the spread of online gaming will cost “400,000 lost jobs in casino-hosting cities across America”–200,000 jobs directly related to the gaming industry plus another 200,000 indirectly related.. Online gambling worldwide is a $30 billion phenomenon; online poker alone accounts for $15 billion worldwide. If the young aren’t streaming into brick and mortar casinos, Owens is not surprised: “Nobody drives an Oldsmobile anymore, either.”

Internet gambling is already here, says Owens: 32 states already sanction it for horse betting. Adelson’s casinos.” The fact that every action by every player online is tracked in real time he calls “a regulator’s dream.”

For example, “The possibility of underage children finding ways to place online wagers and the possibility of people betting under the influence of drugs or being coerced are all scenarios that can happen when the person is only monitored by their own computer screen. Of that total, the U.S. Its conclusion: “The overwhelming majority of online gamers play in a very moderate manner, spending minimal amounts on gaming.”

“As an industry leader, and more importantly as a father, grandfather, citizen and patriot of this great country,” writes Adelson in his op-ed, “I am adamantly opposed to the legalization and proliferation of online gaming.”

His own business, he says, would not suffer, since the Sands gets “almost all” its casino profits from Asia. “The reality is that licensed and regulated internet poker is taking place worldwide and right here in America and right here in his [Adelson's] back yard of Nevada. accounts for a little less than half–or about $6 billion.

“Mr. ft.) of Adelson’s The Venetian casino and resort.

Martin D. Gambling online is already legal in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware.

“You would think,” he writes, “[that] the chairman of the world’s largest gaming company would pursue any aspect of gaming which could increase profits, right? Ordinarily that is true–but online gambling is ‘fool’s gold.’”

Ever since 2005, he says, the Harvard Medical School has been conducting an ongoing study of problem gamblers and the Internet. Age-verification? Protecting problem gamblers? Those can be addressed on the Internet even better than in one of Mr. Rather, the blow would fall on domestic casinos, including those run by Native Americans.

“I think he’s missed the mark by a wide margin,” says Pappas. Says Owens of online gambling: “It’s not the looming menace it’s made out to be.”

As for why the Internet gaming boom has been accompanied in Europe by a decrease in casino attendance, Owens sees nothing more pernicious at work than a change in gamblers’ demographics: Young people now do everything online, including gamble. On the other hand, when a person makes an effort to get dressed, join some friends and head to the local casino for a night of entertainment, they must show themselves as adults, and their behavior can be observed and ultimately managed by security and other staff if needed.”

John Pappas, president of the 1-million-member-plus Poker Players Alliance calls Adelson’s worries baseless.

His views, expressed in an op-ed for Forbes, have not endeared him to fans of online poker, thousands of who now are trying to organize a boycott of the sumptuous poker room (59 tables, 14,000-sq. Online gaming’s potential pernicious effects on children, teenagers and adults with gambling problems constitute, in his view, “a societal train wreck waiting to happen.”

“Click your mouse and lose your house,” warns Adelson, Chairman and CEO of the Las Vegas Sands Corp.

He wags a warning finger at legislation now pending in California and Pennsylvania that would make online gambling legal in those populous states. Alluding to “recent research from a number of European countries,” without identifying that research further, he says that countries in Europe that have legalized online gambling have seen a 20 percent decrease in visitation to land-based casinos.

Owens says the study found that people at risk of becoming addicted to gambling make up less than 2 percent of the population–a figure confirmed, he says, by a separate State of California study. Unusual for its size and scope, the exercise collected data on some 40,000 individuals. Owens, a California attorney specializing in the law of Internet and interactive gaming (and co-author of “Internet Gaming Law” with Professor Nelson Rose of Whittier Law School) calls Adelson’s worries and objections preposterous.

Online gambling isn’t just bad, it’s dangerous and immoral: So argues Sheldon Adelson, CEO of the biggest gaming company in the world.

It’s fool’s gold, he claims, because its profits have come only at the expense of brick-and-mortar casinos, with a corresponding loss of jobs. All of the perceived evils have been addressed through appropriate oversight–greater oversight and regulation than what’s available in a brick-and-mortar setting