10 Tips for Betting on Football

Liam Carroll

Liam Carroll

Liam Carroll is the creator of Sportsbook Investing, the premier website for making money with Understanding Sports Betting Odds. He has successfully been beating sportsbooks for years using his proven system and top sports picks based on lines, trends, angles, and years of experience. Learn about his system for FREE at
Liam Carroll

If North Texas is his best bet on a Saturday then that is his bet. Avoid Exotic Bets – “For very skilled handicappers, with a proven track record, there can, at least in theory, be value in betting parlays,” says Gordon on the type of bet that combines two or more individual wagers.

However, Konik adds that there are some bettors who actually know how to beat the bookies. Also, being “in action” can make a dull late-afternoon game (Buffalo vs. Not all games work according to this formula, but it is usually a good rule of thumb.”

2. Slim underdogs regularly win outright. There are almost an infinite number of scenarios that can happen in a single football game.

Betting on football games; whether it’s through a local bookie, an offshore Internet site or a Nevada casino (still the only legal place in America to make football bets), most of us have done it or know of someone who has.

So, how much are we gambling each football season?

While these tips don’t guarantee you’re going to win, hopefully they can make you a little less square and a little more sharp in your picks this season. If you like an underdog, it is best to get your bet in as late as possible, where there is heavy action from squares on favorites.

Newspapers and popular sports sites routinely publish the lines or point spreads for games, and football insiders offer their picks to viewers each week on ESPN and other cable networks. “In the NFL, a game will often be totally turned around by one or two plays, or even a single penalty. On college you will be able to find different lines at different sports books. “Over the course of several seasons, the percentage of bettors who turn a profit is minuscule.”

“A square or recreational player might have a vague plan, but after two Corona’s he will definitely run to the window and make a hasty decision on the USC-Notre Dame game because he wants to be involved in the party atmosphere,” Vaccaro says. The payout is just the same as far as he is concerned.

Ted Sevransky, a well-known Las Vegas gambler and sports consultant with, agrees.

“The biggest mistake that amateur bettors make is they increase their bets when they are losing,” Sevransky says. The only locks that exist are those that need keys to open them.”

So, how much should you bet a game?


8. . So underdogs tend to be slightly undervalued – except by the sharps.”

And remember, in the immortal words of “Fast” Eddie Felson, “Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.”

“Most people with an understanding of football gambling bet between 3 percent and 5 percent of their bankroll, increasing when they win and reducing when they lose,” Vaccaro says. Bet at the Right Time – “The sharp bettors tend to bet underdogs, and they tend to bet them early,” Moseman says. In fact, sports bettors must pick 52.4 percent winners just to break even.”

Also, it’s probably a good idea to disregard advice from the myriad of ex-players and football experts you see on television each week. “In trying to bamboozle potential customers, many services make claims about having scouts all over the country that give them inside information and promise 70 or even 80 percent winners, as if the bookmakers were the biggest suckers in the world. Money Management – “This is without a doubt the most important aspect of betting on sports and possibly the most neglected,” says Morey “Doc” Moseman, a professional gambler and sports consultant with for nearly 40 years. The NFL, for example, will have very similar numbers at most of the betting shops you visit.

“The bookies fear and despise a tiny coterie of professional bettors known as ‘the sharps,’” Konik says.


“There is probably no better bet in sports than playing an underdog at home,” Moseman says. Drinking and Gambling Don’t Mix – “There is a reason the casinos in Las Vegas supply you with free drinks while you are gambling,” Moseman says. “Because alcohol clouds your judgment and usually helps you to make rash decisions you usually wouldn’t otherwise make. “There will be more discrepancy in the numbers at different sports books. Consider Underdogs – “In the long-run, it’s easier to win betting on the underdog,” Konik says. Research Football Services – “Most sports services realize that most people who sign up with them are insecure,” Gordon warns. And why not? We have unconditional love for the sport and betting $50 or $100 on a game adds an extra rush of adrenaline. Avoid Chasing Bets – “Don’t do it! There is no worse way to mismanage your bankroll than to chase your bets after a losing day,” cautions Moseman on the dangerous practice of trying to immediately win back your losses. “As for me, the best bet in football is betting the point spread or over/under totals on individual games. He loses year after year, according to Dan Gordon, a top football handicapper and author of How to Beat the Sports Books (Cardoza Publishing 2005). Oakland comes to mind) seem like the Super Bowl. “The key to proper money management is to be sure not to bet more than you can afford to lose.”


“In an average season, fewer than one bettor in twelve turns a profit,” Gordon says. They use powerful computers that can process millions of bits of data and produce a more accurate point-spread line than the bookmakers.”

Although exact figures are impossible to calculate, according to Jimmy Vaccaro, widely considered to be Las Vegas’ most influential bookmaker, Americans probably wager more than $50 billion a year on NFL and college football combined. Locks Don’t Exist – “Anyone who has watched sports for about a month realizes that the difference between winning and losing, especially against the spread, can be infinitesimally small,” Gordon says.

“A sharp or smart has a Get More Info

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Adam Meyer, The Nation’s Top Sports Handicapper to Earn $1.5 Million Dollars if the St. Louis Cardinals Win the World Series

Liam Carroll

Liam Carroll

Liam Carroll is the creator of Sportsbook Investing, the premier website for making money with Understanding Sports Betting Odds. He has successfully been beating sportsbooks for years using his proven system and top sports picks based on lines, trends, angles, and years of experience. Learn about his system for FREE at
Liam Carroll

Meyer then placed a $25,000 wager on Animal Kingdom to

win the Kentucky Derby at 26-1 odds netting him over $500,000.

Adam Meyer has been in the sports handicapping business for over 23

years. Meyer has documented wagers including a $300,000

wager on the Arizona Cardinals during the 2009 NFL playoffs and a $1

Million dollar wager on the Indianapolis Colts during the 2010 Super


Meyer’s ability to hedge and treat sports wagering as a business, has

inspired thousands to follow this popular trend. It has been reported that Meyer won upwards of $2.8

Million dollars based on a combination of wagers in which he had the

Green Bay Packers picked to win the Super Bowl at 12-1 odds before the

playoffs began.

Meyer placed his wager with the M Resort and Casino in Las Vegas,

Nevada. “Add the equation of the veterans in the

lineup and ace pitcher, Chris Carpenter, there was definitely value at

15-1 odds.”

“These bets are not about gambling, these wagers are more about a

business opportunity and ability to hedge and have the possibility of

making a substantial amount of money regardless of who wins the World

Series,” said Adam Meyer about the way a professional sports handicapper

treats his investments.

Meyer is often referred to as the nation’s top sports handicapper and

“Handicapper to the Stars” by E! TV.

Adam has been featured or referenced in USA Today (Reid Cherner), ESPN

Insider (Chad Millman), CNBC (Darren Rovell), The Wall Street Journal,

E! TV, Fox Sports Net, NBC, ABC, Cigar Aficionado and The Las Vegas

Review Journal. Louis Cardinals to win the World Series before the playoffs began. In 2011 Adam Meyer Published Real Money Sports Magazine

and introduced his iPhone application, Adam Wins, that debuted on itunes

September 23. As the world markets

continue to become more unstable, many are looking toward sports

wagering as a safer way to find a return on a short term investment than

the stock markets. Meyer separates himself from others

in his industry by placing large wagers on the same games he advises to

his clients who subscribe to his service at

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Adam Meyer, President and CEO of Real Money Sports, Inc., operator of

sports handicapping website,

the leading online sports picks provider, placed a $100,000 wager on the

St. For more information, visit

While each wager is unique, Meyer has a track record of placing, and

winning, large bets on major sporting events including the Super Bowl

and Kentucky Derby. Meyer received 15-1 odds, which would provide him with a $1.5

million dollar payday should the Cardinals win.

About Adam Meyer

. Meyer has proven that understanding where there is

line value and knowing when and who to bet on, has become a very

profitable formula for both Meyer and his thousands of clients.

“I felt strongly about the way the Cardinals had ended the regular

season,” said Adam Meyer. Meyer is known as one of the

industry’s biggest gamblers, and is regularly featured on sports-talk

radio stations across the country. Each week, it is estimated that $10 million dollars are wagered

based on his advice. Photos/Multimedia Gallery Available:

Two wagers that have garnered a lot of attention for Meyer over the past

year involved the Green Bay Packers Super Bowl win and Animal Kingdom’s

Kentucky Derby win. Adam appears weekly on more than a dozen radio

shows across the country from KNBR in San Francisco to WEEI in Boston Get More Info

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Vegas handicappers, celeb picks for Super Bowl 50

Liam Carroll

Liam Carroll

Liam Carroll is the creator of Sportsbook Investing, the premier website for making money with Understanding Sports Betting Odds. He has successfully been beating sportsbooks for years using his proven system and top sports picks based on lines, trends, angles, and years of experience. Learn about his system for FREE at
Liam Carroll

I like Carolina to win, but on a neutral field, this line looks a little high.”

“Broncos lead a very low-scoring affair into the fourth quarter 13-6, when Carolina puts up 10 unanswered points to win on the last drive with no time on the clock, 16-13. They have everything: the top offense in the league, and the defense is awesome. There are a lot fewer scenarios in which the Broncos win. Olivia picked out her ensembles, and Cartier added its trademark panther bracelet to top off “the look.” The next night, the Carolina Panthers won, and ONJ now says it’s an omen for them to go all the way. Long-shot Jerricho Cotchery named the MVP.”

“Denver puts up a much better fight than what bettors think, as Peyton will keep the Broncos in the game.

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Broncos 24, Panthers 23

Luke Rockhold, UFC middleweight champion

Spread: Opened Carolina -4; now Carolina -5.5

Total: Opened at 45 points; now 45.5

“The Broncos will get off to a good start and put some doubt into the Panthers. In the end, this season’s MVP, Cam Newton, will do just enough for the Panthers to win the Lombardi Trophy.”

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Panthers 23, Broncos 20

Mark Dufty, Jerry’s Nugget race and sports book director

“I think Denver’s defense can go down as one of the top 10 in NFL history, and Phillips will have his best game plan for Cam and the red-hot Panthers.”

Score: Panthers 28, Broncos 23

Jay Kornegay, Westgate Las Vegas VP of race and sports operations

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Broncos, 24, Panthers 21

Vince Neil, Motley Crue lead singer and former owner of Las Vegas Outlaws (Arena Football League)

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Panthers 24, Broncos 20

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Broncos 24, Panthers 20

Robin Leach, host of “Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous,” current blogger at

“The Broncos’ defense can slow the game down and they’ll be running the ball, so I can see a low-scoring game, but I think the Panthers come back and win it in the end.”

“Newton is on a roll, and even though Denver has a great defense, they won’t stop his momentum.”

“[This is] the best defense Carolina has played all year, the most pressure they’ve faced all year, and Carolina is away from home, where they crush everyone.”

The Super Bowl is the biggest American betting event of the year, and everyone has an opinion on which team will win — and cover — the game.

“This will be a relatively defensive game in my opinion. I’m trusting Nationwide will be on his side.”

“Giving Wade Phillips two weeks to prepare for Newton is the key. Great offenses and defenses should make for another great game.”

ATS pick: Broncos

Score: Panthers 23, Broncos 21

Jason Simbal, CG Technology VP of race and sports

Against the spread (ATS) pick: Denver

Score: Broncos 24, Panthers 20

Chris Berman, ESPN analyst

“I see this game closing at Carolina minus-4.5, so there is value with taking the six points that are currently out there for Denver. They’ve been killing teams and taking over games, and I expect nothing less in this next matchup.”

“Although Peyton Manning’s overall ability may only be 70 percent of what it once was, the experience factor is still at 100 percent.

“Superman will come and he will shine. Six just sounds reasonable!”. Denver’s defense should be able to keep it close, but I think Cam will do something special to get the win.”

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Denver 23, Carolina 20

Nick Bogdanovich, William Hill U.S. The Broncos’ defense forces the Panthers into two critical turnovers, as they are not comfortable playing from behind.”

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Panthers 16, Broncos 13

James S. But my gut tells me that the No. director of trading

“I’ve already bet Carolina minus-4, but I’m a mercenary when it comes to betting. Manning will keep the Broncos in the game with his brain and not necessarily his arm. Newton’s athletic ability will ultimately pull out the win by the slimmest of margins.”

ATS pick: Panthers roll — no score given

Jay Rood, MGM Resorts International VP of race and sports

“My friend Olivia Newton-John was invited by Cartier to pick out jewelry to wear when she was named Woman of the Year two weeks ago. Von Miller and DeMarcus Ware will alter the explosive offense of the Panthers.”

“I think the Broncos can keep it close defensively and am counting on Manning to manage the game intelligently and avoid mistakes. Logo represents team picked to cover the spread. Then I’ll watch the game with enough drinks until I’m seeing 44 players on the field and hope for the score to fall in the middle.”

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Panthers 20, Broncos 16

Bob Scucci, Boyd Gaming director of race and sports book operations

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Panthers 24, Broncos 20

Art Manteris, Station Casinos VP of race and sports book operations

Oscar Goodman, former Las Vegas mayor, mob lawyer and Bombay Sapphire Gin spokesman

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Broncos 27, Panthers 17

Tony Miller, Golden Nugget race and sports book director

Below, Chalk gathers responses from professional handicappers, celebrities, Vegas bookmakers and more on how they see the game playing out.

All lines courtesy of Westgate Las Vegas SuperBook, unless otherwise noted. 1 defense and the all-around know-how from Peyton lead to a surprise finish in a historic Super Bowl.”

Public Consensus pick: 72 percent picked Carolina

John Avello, Wynn Las Vegas executive director of race and sports 

“[I'm] guessing that the second half will be wide open and that a late field goal will win it for the Broncos. (aka Rounding Again), 2015 SuperContest champion at Westgate Las Vegas

ATS pick: Carolina

Score: Panthers 27, Broncos 21

Ed Malinowski, Stratosphere

ATS pick: Denver

Score: Panthers 21, Broncos 20

Tony Nevill, Treasure Island race and sports book director

“Denver’s defense humbles Cam, but the Get More Info

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