Chatroulette: Web Cam speed dating.

Sort of a combination of your barely-known facebook friends with speed dating and live video.

The sensation has spawned videos mocking the concept (and its users). I can only assume the guys on the other end were looking for a cute chick. I noticed I got “nexted” a lot. .

Because the other person, like you, is being broadcast on a camera from the privacy of their own home…anything can show up on camera.  And because the on line world is filled with the equivalent of millions of seventeen year old geeky boys, anything can be said in those chats.

On social networks you get to interact with lots of people you know. Guys, girls, interesting people, creeps.

There’s been video on the internet for a long time. In a similar style, www.omegle.com is the same concept but no video, so I’m guessing no one is going to make a youtube satire video about it.

You can communicate with audio or via a chat session.

Mentioned on Twitter about once every 15 seconds, round the clock, in every language, chatroulette.com is a web site where you hit “next” and see a new web cam view.  Of course you’ll never know what you’ll find on that other camera. But for random stranger chats, chatroulette is big.


So, if you’re the type who has to try everything when the link shows up on screen, this is your next moment.

On the principle that social networking has to stretch and fill every void, good ideas abound, get tried, sometimes get popular. This wide circle of connections is sort of fun especially when they make a comment about your status. Other sites like this include www.5minutefriend.org. But you also end up interacting with a bunch of people on Facebook who are not friends in real life (IRL). Well this week, one-to-one on-line video chats with strangers is where it’s at. And then they either become part of the fabric of our on line lives…or they disappear to be replaced by the next big thing (NBT).

There are many sites dedicated to web cam communications. Now there are web sites where you can have a two way video chat with strangers. And many of us have used skype. Typically they are used so you can set up a dialog with someone you know

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Liam Carroll

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