How to Sell Beats Online? Your Guide to Beat Selling

We had an issue with them and they said they will not be able to pay us since we’re in a country not supported by their system.. Only downside is that they take 50% of your earnings on that site if you have free account.

Why would you want people to find you on other sites when they could find your own site?

Soundclick is a website where you can upload your own music but it has a twist for beat sellers. This is very effective for leases as well as exclusives.

Imo, leasing is a far more effective and easy way to make some money selling your beats and these websites will help you with that.

Now a random artist is far more likely to buy a beat he just heard and likes for $20 then for $400. ;)

You can even use the player they provide you with and place it in your VIP Soundclick page.

This is something you should consider paying for if you’re really into the whole beat selling thing. That is some awesome free promotion right there!

Some other common leasing license rights are (this is entirely up to you but this is something what we and a lot of other producers, groups use)

Being able to sell 2,000 units of a project (track, video, mixtape, etc) that uses that beatUnlimited non-profit useRoyalty Free

Now what does this mean for artists who buy your beats?

They are not allowed to sell that beat to others tho (as in buying a beat from you and then selling it like their own).

Not only does having your own website looks professional but it’s much better for you in the long run to start sending your artists to your own site.

If the beat will be used in a non-profit project, they are free to share as many copies as they want.

They need to provide production credits to you when they use that beat.

It’s a free site where you can list your beats, set their prices and everything, even provide your own voicetag. And you can even keep selling that beat to other artists.

Well, “Royalty Free” means that you don’t get any of the money they make selling up to 2,000 of their copies.

The twist here is, you can battle your beats against other producers and their beats. Like on BeatBrokerz, you upload your beats to the site, set their prices and everything and your beats will be listed there for everyone to hear and buy. Then users of that site can see your beat on the charts and if they like it, buy it!

However, before using their website, if you don’t live in US, check if they will be able to pay you when the time comes. As such, it has loads of artists that need beats for their projects.

They provide all the licensing and you can even set your own terms if you wish to do that. This is quite handy for selling leases.

Sure you can try to sell 1 beat to 1 person for $400 (which is hard btw), but you would have more success with trying to sell that beat as a lease for let’s say $20.

Rocbattle is a beat market / forum and it could be very useful to you. Soundclick is one of the largest if not THE largest online community of musicians. You can keep on selling that beat to other people since you still hold the rights to it.

You keep all the rights to that beat but the person who bought it for a low price can use it in their project.

This site can do you wonders in terms of your promotion.

However, if they want to sell more than 2,000 than they need to contact you.

Beat Brokerz is simillar to Soundclick but a bit more “set and forget”.

What Are Leases?How to sell beats.

Now for you that don’t know, to lease a beat means to practicly loan a beat.

Since it’s free, you can’t really afford not uploading your beats there since that will just give you extra free exposure.

If you pay for becoming “Exclusive” member for about $7 a month, then you get 100% of your earnings, battle with other Exclusive members, be promoted on home page, enter beat battle tournaments and win cash prizes and be able to upload more beats.

Leases vs. ExclusivesSelling Beats Online

When deciding if you want to sell your beats as exclusives (as in you give your beat to someone for a certain price and after that they own the full rights to it) you have to consider a few things.

Since they get a lot of traffic, if you’re not on a tight budget, this would be a good investment, even more if you like the idea to battle your beats vs. You can list your beats there, and when someone hears your beat he can contact if you if he likes it.

Mind you, these are all reputable sites, and LOADS of people are using them.

When you lease beats for low price, you can keep doing that with the same beats.

Selling Beats on Your Own WebsiteHow to sell beats online

This is one of the best ways how to sell beats online.

However, since this is pretty inefficient you’re best of paying for a VIP page where you can add a paypal widget that lets listeners pay for your beat and then you send it to them. Everyone can vote and if you start winning you will be featured higher in charts and more people will hear your beats. others.

Now this is a whole topic on itself and I will be writing on how to setup your own website and how to drive traffic to it and to your other sites in my next lense

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