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Very difficult, every game.

He also jokingly claimed the delegates did not know what they were talking about because they were too busy eating and drinking the top-class fare at Stamford Bridge.

Mourinho also reacted to a new report claiming his team have shown the least respect to match officials.

Allowing his team centre stage, naturally.

“In the last eight or nine matches, we never won by two goals difference – 1-0 at QPR, 2-1 Stoke, 3-2 Hull, 2-1 Aston Villa, 1-1 Southampton, 1-1 Burnley, Man City also 1-1.

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Chelsea may be seven points clear at the top of the table, but Mourinho claims the campaign has been incredibly difficult.

Jose Mourinho

But he says the top flight is far more competitive now and that his men have been doing it the hard way, by leading from the front from day one.

Premier League delegates said the Blues were the worst-behaved team in the top flight.

“I think dominance is the distance of points, and I don’t forget that we were always top of the league, but we went to eight points difference, and then down to zero,” he added.

“No, for me I just want to be champions. For me, the difficulty of every game is amazing”

“For me, the difficulty of every game is amazing.

But Mourinho insisted he was not bothered about winning the title by a street, even though victory over United today would see them go 10 points clear of second-placed Arsenal with just six games to go.

Jose MourinhoTOUGH AT THE TOP: Mourinho insists the title race has been extremely difficult [GETTY]

The Blues were crowned champions in 2005 and 2006, during the Portuguese coach’s first spell at the club.

“And that one, for sure, had sushi, lobster, Champagne of high quality – Cristal…everything.

“It (the report) is not true. I know that a lie repeated and repeated, there is a risk for it to become true in people’s eyes.

Mourinho also said he felt it was wrong today’s showdown with United clashed with Arsenal’s FA Cup semi-final with Reading, suggesting the Wembley game should have been put back to 8pm.

“At the end of the day, it’s a title.

On the eve of their mouth-watering clash with Manchester United at Stamford Bridge, Mourinho said of the campaign: “More difficult than ever.

“We have to change the catering because many, many times they don’t see the games,” he added.

“Next season we should give them bread and water.

“And at this moment it looks like every team becomes better, teams fighting for the championship and Champions League raise their levels, the same for relegation.”

“More difficult than ever. I think they stay eating and drinking. If someone offered me champions by one points, I’d take it.”

“Really. The only one I met was the phenomenal guy who made the report on the Nemanja Matic situation,” he said, referring to the midfielder was who banned post-match for lashing out at Barnsley’s Ashley Barnes.

But Mourinho insisted the judgement was fuelled by jealousy and a desire to see the title race not become “boring”.

“But I disagree. I think a lie is a lie.”

“I think the last time we won by more than one goal was Swansea in January. One point is enough for me.

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