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Nevada is the only state where legal wagering on college sports takes place, though the NCAA backs a move in Congress to outlaw it.

The NCAA and several high-profile college coaches maintain that Congress should outlaw all college sports betting to keep gamblers from influencing young athletes to throw games.

Sandoval said betting on professional and amateur sports in the state’s 153 books totals about $2.5 billion a year. “The time has come for an answer.”

In a letter to the commission, Dempsey said he would meet with Nevada gaming regulators once they determine which proposals they will adopt.

State gaming regulators are considering several self-regulating proposals, including banning illegal sports bettors from Nevada’s casinos by having them blacklisted.

David Crane predicted the bill will move to the floor next year and easily win passage. The purpose of the hearing was to obtain reaction from the gambling industry, the NCAA and others before the commission adopts new rules, Sandoval said. All Rights Reserved.

Sandoval said Nevada plays a key role in protecting the integrity of collegiate games by ensuring that the predatory influences associated with illegal bookmaking outside the state are not left to their own devices.

“The NCAA opposes all forms of gambling on collegiate athletes and the games they play whether done legally in the sports books of Nevada or illegally elsewhere,” he wrote.

Bill Bible, of the Nevada Resort Association, testified in support of the proposals.

Another would prohibit gaming licensees from knowingly accepting wagers from athletes or coaches who participate in intercollegiate sports.

“This means that Nevada sports books account for less than 1 percent of the total amount wagered on sporting events annually in the United States,” he said.

“There is no evidence there is a linkage between legal and illegal gambling,” he told the commission.

2000 The Associated Press. All Rights Reserved. However, only three people testified Thursday at the hearing that lasted less than an hour.

“One of the big mysteries to me is how the NCAA remains convinced that the illegal sports wagering on college sports cannot be effectively addressed as long as the activity remains legal in Nevada,” he said. John McCain, R-Ariz., who as chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee held earings on the federal legislation, has said the move by Nevada regulators won’t stem the push for a betting ban bill.

2000 The Associated Press. That’s compared with an estimated illegal betting business around the nation of as much as $350 billion a year.

NCAA officials skipped the Nevada gaming regulators’ workshop Thursday, passing up a chance to discuss proposals on increased oversight of the state’s legal bookmakers.

NCAA executive director Cedric Dempsey did not accept an invitation from Gaming Commission chairman Brian Sandoval to discuss proposals being considered to ward off federal legislation that would halt betting on college sports.. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Nevada’s congressional delegation kept the betting ban legislation bottled up this year.

Other proposals would remove the ban against betting on University of Nevada and UNLV games and reaffirm a wagering ban on Olympic and high schools sports.

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