Nevada looks to cash in on online gambling resurgence

Now, New Jersey and Delaware plan to roll out online gaming, and other states are considering it. “When I get home from work, I try to spend time with the kids and the family and the wife, and then to relax, I like to get online about 10 or 11 at night and wind down before bedtime,” he said. He sold it for $100 million profit. But it’s new and it’s big. His website might look like a standard video game — old school even.

For safety, Breitling created an ultra-safe website.

(CBS News) Online gambling was almost a bust in the U.S., but now, players are being dealt in once again, and Nevada is cashing in.

Breitling started an online travel site that became Expedia. But Nevada was first. Goldman said of playing, “If I’m focused on just making as much money as possible, I would say online poker is probably your best bet. Now he’s hoping to do for poker what he did for travel: make it accessible online. All Rights Reserved. It’s long been America’s most popular card game. Breitling’s website went online in Nevada last month and has already dealt two million hands to poker lovers.

Breitling, chairman of Ultimate Gaming, said, “When a customer feels safe, then they are willing to spend their entertainment dollars with you.”

Poker fanatic, James Placek, likes the casino, but likes online gaming better.

Breitling’s partner in this high stakes poker venture: Ultimate Fighting Championship. Watch Bill Whitaker’s report above.

2013 CBS Interactive Inc. . The state set strict regulations: players must be 21; must be in Nevada, and must stake their funding up front. You can play lots of different tables at once.”

In Vegas, you can find a game of poker at any casino, any hour, any day. He said, “The core demographic for UFC is almost a perfect overlap with online poker — loves new technology, loves to play games, highly disposable income.”

Unregulated poker flourished online for years until the federal government shut sites down in 2011 for violating interstate finance rules.

Now, Internet entrepreneur Tom Breitling wants to have poker at any computer any hour, any day. During the Civil War, soldiers played between battles. He explained, “It starts in Nevada, and then it goes to the rest of the country.”

With online poker expected to generate $400 million in Nevada in four years, Breitling’s betting other states will be at the table soon. It’s been dealt in saloons and around kitchen tables. The rules have since been reinterpreted, opening the door. He’s betting young fight fans will become poker fans. “So I mean, that’s a win, win.”

Bree Goldman is one of the players on Breitling’s site. He bought and sold Vegas’ Golden Nugget, making another $100 million

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