Horse Racing Betting System – Designing a Simple System

Over the last 10 years it has produced a 48pt profit even at those low odds, and a 63% SR overall. The important thing, and with any betting, is that you write down every rule and follow it for at least 100 bets. Although when you do they are more profitable than non-handicap races.

Just to make sure we have one clear qualifier for our non-handicap race.

Geldings win the majority of races over fences, and are generally have the most consistent and reliable form.

Keith Driscoll has been a full time professional gambler since 1998, and offers free advice on staking & betting on his web site at http://www.win2win.co.uk Access to the forum is also free.

This article was posted on February 18, 2006

That is it. Being patient saves you money.. Horse Racing Betting System – Designing a Simple System

 by: Keith Driscoll

Rule 4: Horse age must be 6+

This is because in the UK, horses are not generally full wound up for jumping until they are at least 6, so those of a lower age have erratic results that do not prove profitable, so no use including them.

Rule 6: Must be a gelding.

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I know that the lower the odds the more likely it is to win, although the lower the odds the smaller the profit for a new bank.

So let us get down to starting a system eh? I?ll show you below how simple they are to put together, this example is profitable, so no reason why you can not follow it with a betting bank, but its yearly profits are not huge, but have a go at your own, always making sure that you understand way a rule works.

So you can see by this example, it does not profit every year, but long term it still shows a profit, and it is long term that any professional gambler will tell you is the only time span that matters.

This ensures that we do not include handicap races, which are more difficult to get profitable systems out of. It has had 3 losing years in that period, the worst being 5pts, but using the betting exchange prices, they would also have shown a profit.. If after 100 bets it is in profit, you can then give it a betting bank and start gambling.

?The NH High SR Non-Handicap Fav System?

Any softer than this and results can get a bit random.

(c) Win2Win Limited.

Rule 5: Horse must have finished 2nd or worse on its last run.

About The Author

The first 3 rules of any systems I quantify as the main system rules, they ensure we have the main set of qualifiers we are looking for. There are around 100 bets per year.

Rule 7: Going must be Good-Soft or better.

Rule 1: Non-Handicap races only.

Horses that won last time out usually go off at lower odds than they should, so an edge is taken away.

Rule 2: Forecast Favourite only (if joint VOID bet)

Putting together a system is not as difficult as it may sound, even for a beginner. Those rules after, I regard as filters to take out any facts I know are not profitable long term.

The system below is designed for National Hunt racing.

Rule 3: Forecast price must be odds on.

Starting an untested system with real money, and packing it in on its first losing run, putting it down as failed, will only cost you more and more money in the long term. You do not need to trade real money, paper trading is best at first Get More Info

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FBI Las Vegas sting violated Fourth Amendment, gambling defendants say

federal prosecutor Mark Rasch said.

And the Department of Justice has until Nov. All Rights Reserved.

The agents pretend to fix the problem while several men watch the World Cup, their laptops allegedly open to an illegal Asian gambling website.

In the meantime, all eight defendants pleaded not guilty to both counts.

Sports betting is big business in Nevada. Attorney’s Office in Nevada was unable to comment because the case is still pending.

“It’d be the same thing as like, turning off the power or turning off the water, and then saying, ‘oh you invited me in,’” former U.S. “So the key here is consent.”

“The best defense is a good offense,” she said. Last year, $3.6 billion was wagered in the state.

That could be why FBI agents went to such great lengths to bust up what they say was an illegal outfit operating in one of Vegas’ largest casinos.. 7 to file its response.

But federal prosecutors said the illegal activity happened in three suites at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas.

The only problem — the sting itself might not have been legal.

“So is the Wi-Fi down too?” another agent asked.

“I’ll take a look at the router,” an agent said in the video. “That’s probably where the problem is.”

A spokesperson for the U.S. “And the FBI tactics have given the defendants the opportunity to go on the offensive, and now you find that it’s the FBI who’s in the hot seat.”

According to a motion filed in federal court Tuesday, attorneys for the defendants say it was the FBI disconnected the Internet in order to gain access.

“I got the URL,” an agent said.

But now, the eight men accused of running an illegal gambling operation in Las Vegas are challenging the evidence.

The alleged ringleader, Paul Phua, was recently thrown out of Macao, China’s gambling mecca, for a similar crime, raising suspicions in Nevada.

They say federal agents broke the law obtaining it, claiming they violated the Fourth Amendment, CBS News’ Jericka Duncan reports.

A video from an FBI sting in July, obtained by “CBS This Morning,” shows federal agents posing as Internet repairmen, but they were actually there to collect evidence on an alleged illegal gambling operation.

Laurie Levenson, a professor of criminal law at Loyola University, warned FBI operations like this could be a slippery slope.

© 2014 CBS Interactive Inc Get More Info

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Castle Partly Blames Limbaugh and Hannity for Loss

“We did not expect to lose and we are surprised,” Castle said. He called tea party backers “agitators” and asserted that there “is disruption in the Republican party.”

In an interview with FOX, Castle called out Limbaugh and Hannity by name for what he described as “misrepresentations” and “erroneous” statements about his voting record.

However, the Congressman did express concern about his aides.

. He says he “will not pursue office again” and has “no idea what is next.”

“I hope journalists check their facts,” said Castle, a moderate nine-term House member who many suspected would win the primary. Political handicappers anticipated he stood an excellent shot of then claiming the Senate seat formerly held by Vice President Biden for the GOP this fall. But he joked that his wife “seems content with it all.”

Castle is a former two-term Delaware governor who won election to the House in 1992. Mike Castle (R-DE) said Wednesday that Rush Limbaugh and FOX host Sean Hannity were partly to blame for his loss in the GOP Delaware Senate primary to upstart Christine O’Donnell (R).

“I now have to worry about my staff and their employment,” Castle said.

Castle said that helped spell his political doom. O’Donnell scored significant support from former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin (R) and the tea party movement

Rep Get More Info

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Casino-Gaming :: Policies on Enjoying Slots Games On line

Sometimes they’re able to seem confusing but that’s not the rationale to modify to dice games. Slots payouts

The payouts given for the pay line is line payouts. From Egyptian, modern to fruits and holiday, the slots games are absolutely adaptable to the seasons. In this particular variation, there is software helpful to generate random results for the 5 reels with the slot composed of cost-free spins, symbols and bonus offer games. Additionally you can chance on other variations of your slots games on line like 3 reel and fruit machines to modern jackpots which might be very well liked due to massive jackpot you can win.

In slots games online, there are numerous kinds of bonus games. The payouts are obtained if you multiply the coins from the payout by your total bet.

In enjoying slots games on the net, upon placing the essential amount to get a specific slot machine, you press some control that triggers the reels to spin. The payouts vary based on the symbols and combination. In case you succeed on having the right mix of symbols, the power game is going to be activated. For even net casinos, slots games on line constitute the bulk of the average person games that one could play any time you go into the site. The items of the parameters leads to the road bet. The slot games can be found in an array of attractive interface and graphics to really make it much more interesting. First could be the coin size. The overall bet will be the product of your line bet along with the pay lines activated. You can find 3 parameters involved on gambling. That may be how popular and influential the sport is perfect for gambling enthusiasts. The wheels will get rid of in a random symbol while in the pay line. Another payout for slots games online is the scatter payout that’s something you get driving under the influence the needed symbols throughout the reels. The final parameter is how numerous pay lines have been activated. Line payout is the product of your variety of coins while in the payout table on the line bet. The winning combination incorporates a specific number or symbol seems in the left off to the right reel. The following will be the quantity of coins on every pay line. There are no extra wagers for you to make when in an added bonus round. Depending on the combinations created in the pay line, a specific payout emerged. The total amount is deducted from a balance.

Let’s just express that you can’t call an e-casino complete without one little bit of video slot. Therefore, you can always find slot games online that will fit the player whatever the times of year are. Furthermore, it really is exciting to win and opportunity on big pot cash any time you spin the reels.

Slots Game Online Types. The player can win extra credits through the bonus offer slots games on line. Of those unfortunate different versions of video poker machines games online, the video bonus slot is among the most common Get More Info

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Would you believe it? Gambling and game fixing now in video games – National Sports Conspiracy

Out of the nearly 10 million copies of the game sold between its release and 2008, nearly half–4.5 million–were sold in that country alone.

Blizzard Entertainment, which was not involved in any of this corruption, decided to take control of any future use of StarCraft 2 from the Korean professional leagues.

If one looks outside the borders of the United States, game fixing in sports has become rampant.

It just goes to show that where there is betting, corruption seems to follow.

StarCraft, one of the world’s most popular video games, has seen South Korean players throw matches for gamblers.

The scheme involved bookies at online gambling websites approaching certain players and offering them money to lose between one and three matches. Only there it has taken one step further. Scandals have emerged in soccer, tennis, cricket and rugby in countries all over the world. The public competitions of StarCraft can be openly wagered upon.. The science-fiction based military strategy game is especially popular in South Korea. One of the people involved was a professional soccer player in South Korea’s K3 league, and another was a known gangster who was wanted by the authorities.

At least 12 games were rigged, with 140 million South Korean won (equivillent to approximately $120,000) wagered and won on the fixed matches.

It should come as little surprise then that as popular and competitve as say EA Sports Madden Football has become in the U.S., StarCraft has attained similar status in South Korea where it is played in a professional league. The game went on to become one of the most popular video games in the world. As a result, not all of the fixing players were paid the money promised to them.

StarCraft, developed by Blizzard Entertainment who also created the popular games Diablo III and World of Warcraft, was first released in 1998. The players would then be paid money for their underperformance while also betting against themselves in the matches thrown.

In the end, 10 players were permanently banned from the game with seven fined (from 11 million to two million won) and four sentenced to community service and probation.

One of the participants, known as sAviOr, was one of the most successful players in the history of the league. But now the practice has reared it’s ugly head in one place most would consider safe from outside influence–video games.

This betting activity led to 16 people being implicated in a 2010 game fixing plot regarding competitive matches of StarCraft. He acted as a go-between for the gamblers and players, and also skimmed bribe money from some of his fellow participants Get More Info

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Red Horse Racing | Examiner.com

Faust was also fired…. Truck series team member suspended

On Tuesday, NASCAR announced the indefinite suspension of Marshal Faust, a crew member for Red Horse Racing, a team in the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series, for violation of the sanctioning body’s substance abuse policy Get More Info

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Acne Control | Buzzle.com

Lower quality cosmetic brands will not mention the presence or absence of such compounds on the label. Invariably, tretinoin aggravates the acne before it begins to clear it up. To know how to reduce the redness of pimples fast, you will have to go through this article.

This article provides some home remedies which can be followed to cure or get rid of pimples quickly.

Acne absolutely ruins the beauty of your face. Read on to know more about treating pimples quickly…

Cosmetics are not a valid line of acne control, but they can camouflage an acute acne outbreak. But…

Getting Rid of Pimples Overnight

How to Extract Pimples

Another agent commonly used in acne control is adapalene gel. Adapalene-based applications are available only by medical prescription. Some unpleasant side effects like temporary pigment changes and flushing, stinging, swelling and scaling of skin can also occur with trenitoin. Getting rid of pimples overnight may sound unachievable, but it can be made possible with right kind of treatment.

Acne control usually takes the form of topical application products containing benzoyl peroxide. Its use should not extend beyond this period.

Acne-free Skin

Nobody likes pimples. You can’t make it go away in so little time unless you have a fairy godmother. The dermatologist must decide whether the benefits outweigh possible complications like stomach upsets, vertigo and reduced efficacy of birth control pills in women.

Learn how to get rid of pimples and control acne.

To maintain an acne-free skin one should follow a healthy diet, daily detox, and use the right products to cure and prevent acne. This article provides information on…

Best Way to Get Rid of Acne

How to Reduce the Redness of Pimples Fast

How to Hide a Pimple

The visibility of pimples is an annoyance for women all over the world. But you must only choose those that really work. Alcohol-based cosmetics are preferable to oil-based ones. Here are the best ways to get rid of acne. This especially applies to foundation creams, the longest lasting of which are generally oil-based (or oleaginous). A pimple takes days to cure but its redness can be…

How to Reduce Pimple Redness

Pimples look awful on the face, and the first thing that oneself comes across their mind, is how to extract pimples. There are several easily available materials which can be…

How to Get Rid of Body Acne

. A dermatologist may prescribe oral antibiotics such as doxycycline, tetracycline and monocycline to counter these symptoms. Here’s more…

If you have found an ugly zit on your face a day before the college prom, you are definitely under pressure to get rid of it really fast. One must remember, however, that any kind of topically applied oil-based compound will aggravate acne. A sudden pimple on your face can ruin your appearance and mar your confidence, especially if you have to attend a grand event. Though facial acne is often a cause of cosmetic concern, body acne could also cause discomfort. Read on…

How to Get Rid of Pimples Fast

Acne Tips and Tricks

Acne Solutions that Work

Get Rid of Pimples Overnight

You may come across many tips and tricks on how to deal with acne problems. A qualified dermatologist must monitor their use closely. Getting pimples can be a harrowing experience for which, immediate remedy is sought. This are expected side effects and there is no call for panic unless the symptoms do not go away. Tretinoin-based acne control products are available in the form of gels, lotions and creams for topical application. The best bets are water-based cosmetics. It is not wise to use these. Specifically, the ingredients to avoid include isopropyl myristate, isopropyl esters, oleic acid, stearic acid, petrolatum and lanolin. Try them out to restore the flawless complexion and texture of your skin.

Acne is a very common problem which occurs when the skin pores are clogged due to oil or dead skin cells, causing the skin to break out. They are beneficial in acne control, but can cause itchiness, scaling, extreme localized dryness and an inflamed appearance. Tretinoin treatment is for a medically specified period only. Using them regularly can produce favorable results in less than a month. From prevention to cure there are a host of studies being done to find solutions. Adapalene works by keeping skin pores clear and unobstructed. Their dark red color makes carrying them even more difficult. Though such applications are very effective in acne control, the user should weight the pros and cons of using benzoyl peroxide-based products carefully before actually prescribing them. Peroxide is an oxidant that can damage healthy skin tissue. skin peeling) effect. The problem is that this compound can be a major skin irritant. It normally occurs during puberty. It is best to consult a dermatologist for this.

Many dermatologists also favor tretinoin, since it has a dermabrasive (i.e. Extracting pimples is a simple process, but should only be performed for minor pimple breakouts.

Searching for ways to get rid of pimples overnight? The following article tells you about a few easy-to-follow and surefooted methods that can get rid of pimples overnight.

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions that affects adolescents and young adults. This causes the skin’s pores to decongest. They do not provide camouflage as long as oil-based cosmetics, but are far more suitable and less harmful in acne.

How to Get Rid of Zits Fast

With complex lifestyle and stress, pimple problems are becoming the most talked about topic Get More Info

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Online Casino Gambling Statistics In The United States

Nowadays, Gambling Laws predict that it is very complicated and difficult and these laws and rules vary from the country to country and sometimes state to state. Legality in online gambling depends upon many factors and most important point is the location. It is more competitive and lucrative as ever but it is safer and professional due to it being highly regulated. Some gamblers are seen very interested and eager to engage in gambling activities for escaping from the pressure in their life.

Author’s Bio: 

Warwick Bartlett is The author of “Online Casino Gambling Statistics in the United States.” He is experienced writer, who will tell you that Gambling Statistics is the most comfortable way to play gambling games in the virtual casinos. It is getting more popularity at global perspective and honorably appreciated by the global players. For professional gamblers, it is the major source of income and to earn a lot of money through applying latest process. It is very latest internet betting, that is getting a lot of popularity among people from all walks of life, young people and older persons.


Today, online gambling is the successful way of enjoying the internet and probably to even more extra spending money. It has been generated as millions of people $91 as per year. The industry trends are the most comprehensive trends to make you more and more eligible for playing online games. Therefore, you should be active and up to dated with laws of online gambling, there is no clear answer for this kind of activity.

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Gambling is glamorized by the latest industry trends predicted by GBGC. It is very emerging option for introducing online gambling with various kinds of benefits. And Gambling Laws are a set of rules and regulations applied to the gambling industry.

Gambling Statistics in the United States show that it is legally restricted in the United States.

Gambling statistics explains that it has been proved as the most thrilling addictive activity. It shows that more and more people love to draw interest in virtual casino gambling, especially those people who have grown to love video and casino games. In some states, gambling through lotteries is mainly used to raise a lot of money through college scholarships.. Therefore, the industry is more responsible for millions more in the related tourist income as well as the economic benefit of millions of jobs. Casual social gamblers are seen very interested in performing gambling activities for the purpose of entertainment and recreation while serious social gamblers engage in gambling with greater sincerity. There are many experts’ gamblers around the world, but they can be recognized through some of the basic categories. It is gaining a lot of popularity in every corner of the country. The addiction leads the online gamblers to keep on with different kinds of gambling activities of whether they can earn or lose in the deal. Gambling may be inconsiderate gorge of money and valuables. Nowadays, it is considered very competitive and profitable as ever but it is very professional game due to highly regulated at the level of global perspective Get More Info

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