Palms Casino Resort remodels sportsbook for $300,000 Pigskin Payoff

Weekly prizes total $10,000 to the contestant picking the highest number of winning games. If you buy the maximum three entries you receive three more free, thats six entries for $75, or $12.50 per entry. Contest registrations are non-transferable and non-refundable.

Football season is less than two weeks away and the staff at the Las Vegas Palms Casino Resort are working around the clock to put the finishing touches on the new Palms Football Center. Located in the former poker room, the Football Center will serve as headquarters for the 2012 $300,000 Pigskin Payoff.

The Pigskin Payoff is an affordable no-points football handicapping contest with fairly simple rules and 300,000 good reasons to play. ALL selections must be entered in the terminals in person no later than 9 a.m. Total prize pool is $300,000 with $34,000 divided among the top 100 overall winners. Go before September 1 to receive your bonus $10 slot play.

Contestants must be 21 years old or older with valid identification, must be a member of the Palms players club (Club Palms) and MUST sign-up in person. daily to sign-up for your chance at your share of the $300,000 prize pool. Each entry into the Pigskin Payoff is $25. 1, and youll also receive $10 in free slot play. See the official contest rules for a detailed breakdown and distribution of prizes.

Each week’s selections will be available at noon on Tuesdays on contest terminals located in the new Football Center. The entry form also indicates payment methods including cash, comps, and points.

Visit the Club Palms players card desk to receive or update your club card then stop by the Football Center between 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Sunday mornings.

After many recent renovations and changes to their sportsbook including leasing the newly remodeled space to Cantor Gaming, the Palms management and executive staff have chosen to continue the $25 buy-in handicapping contest as a promotion separate from Cantor’s sportsbook operation.. Take advantage of the contest early-bird offer and sign up by Sept. The contest spans 17 weeks of the NFL regular season and contestants must select one team from listed Sunday and Monday games

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Liam Carroll

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